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Brian Gale Surveyors provide a range of surveying services to clients in the East Grinstead area and further afield, focusing on complete client satisfaction with expert advice and assistance. Drawing from over 25 years experience in surveying all property types, Brian Gale Surveyors provides in depth surveys and reports designed to provide the client with all the information they need, whether they are considering a property purchase, embarking on a development project, or simply have a question about our services.

When purchasing a property, it is important that you are fully informed of the condition of the property, including any defects or structural issues, as purchasing a property is often one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. Brian Gale Surveyors serves to provide clients with essential information and detailed surveys so that they can make an informed decision as to whether or not they should proceed with the property purchase.

Our Background

Established in 1985, Brian Gale Surveyors have built up a stunning reputation for honest, in depth and comprehensive surveys. Our glowing testimonials can attest to the high quality of service we provide. With a team of professional, experience surveyors, we tailor our services to suit your needs, offering expert advice in ensuring that you reach a satisfying conclusion when purchasing a property or requesting additional information.

We are dedicated to helping all clients, both old and new, and focus on ensuring complete client satisfaction in every service we provide. We operate throughout the South East of England, with a wealth of experience working in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Lingfield and Ashtead  to name a few.

Our Services

Brian Gale Surveyors have been providing surveying services for over 25 years, drawing from extensive experience throughout East Grinstead and the surrounding areas. We provide professional advice on historic and period buildings, with in depth, unbiased reports on local properties. Our bespoke service allows us to compile reports that serve to provide you with all the information you need when considering a property for purchase.

Our Range of Services Include

Home Survey Reports

Home Survey Reports

A Home survey report consists of an in depth look at all visible and accessible areas of the property, taking note of any defects which are likely to affect the value of..…[Read more…]


Brian Gale Surveyors provide a professional valuation of both residential and commercial properties for a variety of purposes including for sale, purchase..…[Read more…]

Bank Project Monitoring

Bank Project Monitoring

As approved project monitors for the Bank of Scotland, NatWest and HSBC among others, we draw from extensive experience in order to ensure that everything……[Read more…]

Project Management

With a service designed to provide full support and advice on the build phase and construction of a project, whether it is commercial or residential. We can act……[Read more…]

Schedules of Dilapidations


Upon reaching the end of a lease, various repairs or renovations may be required by a landlord or tenants, which is where a Schedule of Dilapidations is drawn up……[Read more…]

Full Building Survey


Brian Gale Surveyors provide a full building survey for a number of reasons including for sale and leaseback. A full building survey consists of a complete assessment..…[Read more…]

Contact Our Chartered Surveyors in East Grinstead

With over 25 years experience providing surveying services to clients throughout the South East, including historic and period properties, Brian Gale Surveyors have a dedication to ensure complete satisfaction in each and every client. To find out more about the services we provide, or if you have a question you need answered, please complete the quotation form provided or email us at sue@briangalesurveyors.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also contact us directly by calling 01737 245947 where a member of our expert team will happily help you. As experienced chartered surveyors offering a range of different services, we take our excellent customer service very seriously. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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