Building Survey needed, even on a new house!

Recently, whilst undertaking a simple Mortgage Valuation in West Sussex on a new-build house which was under construction, Patrick Moyle noted instances where the standard of workmanship can best be described as unacceptable.

Damaged and poorly cut blocks had been used for the inner skin of masonry, and the wall ties had been incorrectly positioned.

Insulation had not been fully inserted into the cavity and it had not been closed up at all.

He also saw a considerable amount of random debris within the cavity and in between the insulation. The photo below shows most of the problems.

At the time of the Valuation Inspection the walls were being dry-lined and the defect was about to be hidden. Thankfully we noted it and raised the warning flags!

Left as it was there would have always been a considerable amount of heat loss and cold bridging around the door and window openings. Damp penetration across the bridged cavity would also be inevitable.

The developer will now even be told to rebuild this section of wall.

We always recommend a Pre-purchase Survey on a new house with our inspections being undertaken during the course of construction so that defects can be readily identifiable and not concealed. Just because it is brand new, it is not necessarily perfect!

Building Survey Cavity Wall

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