Flooding in Surrey and Sussex: Effects on Property

The recent torrential rain, high winds, overflowing rivers, with streams & storm drains full to bursting have all combined and resulted in very unusual patterns of flooding. Areas that have not seen floods before, or certainly not in most people’s lifetimes have found themselves under water.

No doubt Insurers will be taking a different view on what is and what is not now a “high risk area” and premiums will be adjusted accordingly at renewals.

When people are buying property, whether that be residential or commercial, a new heightened level of concern will emerge… “is this somewhere that is likely to now flood?” will no doubt be a more frequent question posed by purchasers and Conveyancers! Surveyors will be expected to “know their area” and be able to give a useful comment on this matter.

At Brian Gale Surveyors we have taken note of recent events in this regard such that when we carry out Full Building Surveys, HomeBuyer Reports and Building Inspections for Clients we can give some helpful assistance in understanding as to those locations which are most at risk and what can be done to minimise potential water ingress by improving surrounding surface water drainage, and other measures.