Giant Hangars Surveyed

Patrick Moyle has recently undertaken a Schedule of Condition in Sussex of more industrial units including hangars, this time on the South Coast.

Inspection revealed that the hangars had major Health and Safety issues especially with regard to the roof and perimeter wall cladding. The orginal covering had corroded through and had been over-clad with modern profile metal sheeting. Unfortunately, riveting new sheets to old sheets was a recipe for disaster as due to corrosion and high winds, the new sheets were blowing off. If the sheets hit somebody they would severely injure or possibly kill. The only advice we could give was to completely strip off and re-cover all of the hangars.

Apart from the cladding, it was clearly evident from a visual inspection that the areas were contaminated and we noted evidence of hydrocarbon/oil contamination to the concrete and surrounding grounds. Also, broken asbestos cement sheeting was present and due to the property being infested with pigeons; anybody working in or close by the site could contract Parrots Disease (Psittacosis) which can lead to illness with severe pneumonia.

Our clients who wish to purchase the property have now been clearly informed that these buildings have exceeded their average lifespan and require major repair. It may be cheaper to completely renew them.

Giant Hangars Surveyed - image 6

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