Thatched Roof

Patrick Moyle has carried out a number of inspections to thatched roofs in recent months and these include a property in Oxshott, Surrey.

The property dated back to the 1930s however the house had been extended and completely rethatched. Although the thatch was only a few years old the standard of workmanship was poor and major stripping back and recovering was required.

Thatched roofs are attractive but do require regular checking and inspection especially before purchase. The roofing block and other sections, especially around windows, were poorly detailed and materials had weathered within 5 to 6 years whereas normally a ridge should last at least 10 years.

If you are considering purchasing a property with a thatched roof please contact Patrick Moyle for further advice and information. Patrick in his career has inspected numerous thatched roofs throughout Surrey, Sussex and Kent and also in Devon.