Construction Design Management

Construction design management (Health & Safety)

Construction Design Management

It is a requirement under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 that a Developer, building/property owner or representative of a Company involved in altering, extending or refurbishing a property together with any new construction, must take into consideration Health and Safety aspects and appoint a CDM Co-ordinator (formerly known as Planning Supervisor) who will liaise with the design team to ensure that all Health and Safety issues are taken into consideration during the design phase and that the Main Contractor plus any sub-Contractors during the construction phase, take into account Health and Safety issues and prepare/provide all necessary Method Statements. The CDM Co-ordinator also informs the Health and Safety Executive of the project and provides them with all relevant information.

Want of knowledge and failure to act properly in this regard can result in the property owner/ developer being criminally prosecuted and in extreme cases of neglect, custodial sentences can be awarded by the Courts.

We have Surveyors who will be able to give all the guidance needed and provide further advice and information with regard to the appointment of a CDM Co-ordinator.

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