Defects Analysis Reports

Defects Analysis ReportsReports are prepared on a building where concerns are raised by the owners as to a problem and defect analysis inspection reports are provided to confirm as to whether the defect is serious or not and also to provide advice as to the best way to carry out remedial work / address the problem.

Defects Analysis Reports range from inspection of cracks in a building to determine as to why they are occurring and the correct method of repair through to inspections relating to dampness, timber defects, failure of masonry lintels, roof coverings and structures and all other items which make up both the structure and fabric of the building. Although we are not service engineers, we can arrange for inspection and reports on service installations.

We will arrange and supervise the instruction and appointment of all other “specialists” needed to get a true and correct analysis of a range of defects. Thus the correct remedial action is taken, avoiding expensive mistakes.

As with all of our reports, we provide schedules of photographs to accompany the report to clearly illustrate the problems/defects that are discovered.

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