Fire Insurance Valuation

Burnt down houseAt Brian Gale Surveyors, we can prepare reinstatement valuations for all kinds of property to assist our clients in securing appropriate building insurance.

Without an accurate assessment of a building and its construction, building owners can inadvertently over-insure their property. This service provides our clients with all of the necessary financial information about their building so that they may notify their insurance providers and potentially reduce their premiums.

In the event of a claim, under-insuring a property can be an even greater expense, as most insurers will have a clause in the contract that prevents full pay-out. For example, a building which has been under-valued and under-insured by 30% will have 30% deducted from the amount of any pay-out, even if the claim is legitimate and the amount due is only a proportion of the correctly insured value of the property.

Expert Advice

For this reason, it’s essential to engage a competent firm to assess the correct level of insurance for your property and that all necessary notifications under your Policy are made to prevent possible avoidance by Insurers.

At Brian Gale, we will attend the property to carry initial assessment and can then assist clients with annual updates, typically completed using desktop assessments. This ensures that the value of your property and your insurance premiums are properly aligned to account for ongoing inflationary increases and other market influences.

To discuss your fire insurance valuation needs in more detail simply complete the forms on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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