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The 1967 Leasehold Reform Act was an important piece of legislation for those who live in a property which has a leasehold attached to it.

It became even more relevant in 2002 when it received an overhaul. The additions made to it were with a view to making the application process simpler as well as the criteria that you must meet before you can make a claim.

Even with these changes the process of making either an enfranchisement or leasehold extension application can still be a difficult one. When you need to begin a claim of this type it is recommended that you approach an expert, such as a chartered surveyor, to guide you through the steps and act on your behalf.

For those living in the South East a great option to consider is Brian Gale Chartered Surveyors. Using our extensive knowledge of the process we can offer you the vital guidance that you need to make a successful claim.

Our understanding of every aspect of the legislation allows us to provide up to date advice that can always be trusted. We will support you throughout the entire process, ensuring that we are on hand to tackle any issues or problems that may arise.

Lease Extension Negotiations Notting Hill

One main area that we offer our help in is to negotiate with the current leaseholders for the property. A part of the process that can be tricky. We also can provide you with either a full valuation or an initial report which will give you an idea of the premium that you can expect to pay.

For over 25 years we have gained experience in the field, working with a variety of client types. We have dealt with claims from groups of tenants looking to secure the freehold of their building, as well as homeowners who are trying to sell on and know that an extend leasehold will be a more tempting prospect for buyers.

Whether you are in Notting Hill, Putney or the wider London and Southeast areas you can be sure that you will get everything that you need and more from Brian Gale Chartered Surveyors.

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