Lease Extensions Tunbridge Wells

In 1967 the Leasehold Reform Act was introduced, within this piece of legislation it was stated that the freehold of a property can be the entitlement of those who currently hold the leasehold; if they meet a set of requirements stipulated in the Act.

This process is referred to as an enfranchisement, and in order to apply for such a claim you are required to be a group of tenants who are living in one block of flats.

It was in 2002 that the Act had an overhaul, making the application process for this much easier and the caveats attached were amended to allow for greater access.  Despite these changes the process of making a claim is still difficult and often needs the guidance of experts.

Brian Gale Surveyors are just such a team of experts. We know the key factors to be taken into consideration when making a claim. Our understanding of the legislation and guidance for these types of tasks allows us to make the process as easy as possible. You can also be sure that the advice you are given is of the highest quality; and always completely within the regulations.

It is not only enfranchisement that Brian Gale can assist you with. We are also there to support you in extending the leasehold of your property. There are several reasons where you might find yourself requiring this; perhaps for your own peace of mind, or even to attract buyers if you are looking to sell your property.

We will work with you to not only come to a swift resolution with minimal stress for you, but we will also provide you this first class service at as competitive a price as possible.

Our team will negotiate on your behalf, what can be a difficult part of the application and claim, we will also be there to offer you a valuation on the property; whether that is a full valuation or just a simple initial appraisal, the decision is left for you to make.

We have over 25 years experience offering this great service to people throughout the Southeast, with Tunbridge Wells, Sutton and Fulham just some of the areas that we cover. Our chartered surveyor service is the one for you to call, each and every time.

So, if you are looking for a professional level of service, with trusted advice and expert knowledge, then Brian Gale Surveyors is the only place that you should call. We are there to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with the right level of service for your personal circumstances. Get in touch today.

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