Law of Property Act (LPA) Receivers

Law of Property Act (LPA) receiver

Law of Property Act (LPA) Receivers A “Law of Property Act 1925 Receiver” is a person (not necessarily an insolvency practitioner) appointed to take charge of a mortgaged property by a Lender/Bank whose loan is in default, usually with a view to sale or to collect rental income for the Lender (common in the case of failure of a property developer) whose borrowings will largely be secured on specific properties.

Although this professional service provided by Brian Gale & Associates is normally only of interest to our corporate Lending/Bank Clients, we are able to provide specialist vital early advice and practical guidance to private Developer clients (or indeed small individual “one-property” developing individuals) on the entire process of managing through a possible/potential LPA Receiver scenario.

We have over 12 years experience in the field of LPA Receiver work for both small individual and Corporate Clients across Sussex, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Often our experienced management of a situation can save significant costs and precipitous action and indeed help borrower/lender relations enabling a satisfactory and mutually beneficial outcome to both parties where a project is going “off the rails”.

To discuss how we can help with LPA receiver work in more detail simply complete the forms on this page and we will get back to you immediately.

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