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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 applies throughout England and Wales and provides a framework for dispute resolution in relation to work on party walls. If a property owner wishes to make alterations to their property in a manner which requires the use or alteration of a party wall then they are required by law to serve notice under the act.

Both residential and commercial properties are covered by the Act and anyone wishing to carry out building work on their Sussex home or business close to a boundary or adjacent properties will need to take the Party Wall etc. Act into consideration. In cases where disputes arise a Party Wall Award will be made.

How a Party Wall Surveyor Can Help

The process of serving notice, disputing it and ultimately getting a Party Wall Award can be long and drawn out, costing both time and money. However a qualified Sussex Party Wall Surveyor can significantly reduce the time necessary to resolve the situation and can act on behalf of both parties to advise on all necessary construction matters.

To ensure you resolve a party wall dispute in the shortest time possible without liability you need the services of Brian Gale Surveyors. As experts in this field we have the necessary experience and expertise to offer professional impartial advice that will bring your party wall dispute to an amicable conclusion with the minimum of disruption.

So if you’re a Sussex homeowner or have any property likely to be affected by building work involving shared boundaries and party walls get in touch with Brian Gale Surveyors today and get the situation resolved professionally for total peace of mind.

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