Rights to Light Surveyors Sussex

Under common law in England and Wales you have a legal right to a certain amount of natural light, which is protected by the Prescription Act 1832. This ensures that any potential obstruction to the natural light coming into your Sussex property can be investigated by the authorities and if built against your wishes you are fully entitled to take legal action to have the obstruction removed or receive compensation.

Building work of all shapes and forms can potentially obstruct natural light to your property, from home extensions, a new garage or shed, conservatories or a completely new residential or commercial development. If your rights to light haven’t been properly considered before work commences and you aren’t willing to waive your rights then changes need to be made or compensation paid.

Brian Gale Surveyors are experts in resolving disputes of this nature across Sussex and the south east. With our expert advice you can successfully negotiate the course of action most suitable for your case, ensuring you are fully compensated for loss of light or the building work is changed so that you aren’t affected. Most commonly we preside over cases that award both financial compensation and building work changes so you get the most satisfactory outcome.

If you have any concerns over your rights to light, whether in your home or business premises, anywhere across Sussex, get in touch with Brian Gale today. Fill in your details in the forms on this page or give us a call on 01737 245947 and we can advise you of your rights and analyse exactly how work will or does affect you before taking the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

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