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Schedules of Condition - Brian Gale SurveyorsBrian Gale Surveyors are an independent firm of Building Surveyors and Valuation Surveyors with over 25 years’ experience in dealing with all types of property in Greater London and the Home Counties, including Surrey and Sussex.

Our expert team offer a wide range of residential and commercial landlord and tenant services including Lease Extensions, Schedules of Condition, Schedules of Dilapidations and Party Wall Awards. For your complete peace of mind, we are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

What is a Schedule of Condition?

A Schedule of Condition report is prepared to record the state of a property at Lease commencement, or at the time of assigning an existing Lease to a new Tenant. It can be prepared for either commercial or residential buildings.

A Schedule of Condition is a factual ‘snapshot’ picture that can be used to protect both the particular interests of the Landlord and that of the Tenant with regard to potential future dilapidations claims when the Lease expires.

In actual fact, the practical purpose of a Schedule of Condition is to provide a basis for negotiation of any sums payable by the Tenant at the end of the Lease term in settlement for damages for dilapidations. Evidence recorded in a Schedule of Condition may indicate the premises have been left in the required state, in which case there are no damages to pay. However, if the premises have been left in a significantly worse state, the Schedule of Condition gives useful evidence of the extent to which the damage is attributable to the Tenant. And while the Landlord may not be able to claim the whole cost of repair, the Schedule of Condition informs the negotiations regarding the share to be paid by the Tenant.

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A Schedule of Condition may also be required as part of a Party Wall Award relating to a proposed construction that affects the structural integrity of a neighbouring building, according to the Party Wall Act 1996. Considering the nature of works affected by the Party Wall Act, preparing a Schedule of Condition may be a worthwhile procedure.

Here, a Schedule of Condition is a record of an adjoining owner’s property drawn up by an independent surveyor. The Party Wall Act includes provisions for the neighbouring owner to be compensated in the case of damage occurring to their property as a result of works carried out on behalf of the neighbour. A Schedule of Condition can be used as evidence to both parties in order to help the adjoining owner to bring a claim under the Party Wall Act, and to protect the building owner from false claims being brought.

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Brian Gale Surveyors will prepare the Schedule of Condition (Schedule of Condition Template), working hard to protect our client’s position, whether we are acting for the Landlord or Tenant. We will provide professionally documented detailed reports in a text format, a photographic format or a combination of both. Where necessary, any additional specialist input will be appointed and managed by ourselves on your behalf.

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