Expert Witness Reports

Expert Witness Reports with Brian Gale Surveyors

Expert Witness Reports are necessary when specialist professional expertise and experience is required in certain Court cases, normally for Building Disputes, Party Wall Matters and other such Property Matters.

Where there are legal disputes and matters may go to Court, we can prepare Independent Expert Witness Reports which comply with the Civil Procedure Rules of the Courts. These reports can cover all Surveying issues ranging from Valuation through to Defects, Dilapidations, Party Wall issues and much more. It is important that our clients are able to rely on in-depth and unbiased reporting services designed to assist them during legal property disputes. As truly Independent Chartered Building Surveyors, the Courts will accept our analysis and reporting of a situation where a dispute exists so that the Court can give a well-advised ruling.


About Our Team

Brian Gale Surveyors was established in 1985 as an Independent Surveying company not associated with any Estate Agents or large organisations, which ensures that we provide our clients with honest and impartial surveying services. Our experienced team of surveyors operate across Surrey, Sussex, London, Hampshire and Kent, assisting clients with a wide range of property matters. We also have extensive experience in surveying listed and historic properties, and can offer helpful advice on such subjects where required.

Surveying Services in the South East of England

In addition to surveyors acting as expert witnesses for the purpose of expert witness reports, Brian Gale Surveyors also offer advice and assistance regarding a number of other property matters. A few examples of these services can be seen below;

  • Lease Extensions – Brian Gale Surveyors offer advice and assistance in applying for a lease extension, including whether or not now is a good time to extend your lease, and the potential costs involved in the extension.
  • Fire Insurance Valuations – It is important not to over or under-insure your property in the event of a fire. Using our accurate and in-depth reporting system, Brian Gale Surveyors will assess the value of the building, giving advice as to what level of cover you will need when insuring your property.
  • RICS Condition Reports – A detailed report taking a look at all visible and accessible elements of the property in question. The report will include any major defects found as well as an approximation of any costs involved in repairing those defects. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

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We are dedicated to helping all clients, both old and new, and focus on ensuring complete client satisfaction in every service we provide. We operate throughout the South East of England, with a wealth of experience working in BrightonHorshamHorleyRichmond, and Wimbledon to name a few. To discuss RICS expert witness reports in more detail simply complete the forms on this page and we will get back to you immediately. You can also get in touch with us by phone on 01737 245947 to speak to one of our professional surveyors.

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