Bargate Stone

We have recently carried out a a Grade II Listed property at Chilworth near Guildford in Surrey – Surrey Hills.

The property is a large Victorian country house split into wings and has interesting crenulations, tower roundel and stepped gables. We were asked to comment upon the condition of the gables and the stonework, both sandstone and Bargate stone. The mortar has severely weathered and the stones are loose with erosion. The situation has been exacerbated by previous repairs with hard cement mortar which has trapped moisture behind the cement therefore not allowing the walls to breathe.

Unfortunately, the only advice we are able to give is to take down the parapets and rebuild to match, salvaging as much of the stone as possible and bedding on new lime mortar. Associated works will include cutting and dressing new stone to match where there is erosion, raking out all remaining hard Portland cement mortar, replacing corroded ironwork and also checking the lightening conductor. The lightening conductor is of some age and may have to be replaced.

Regrettably, with a property which is over 130 years old, weathering will occur and with this form of construction, rebuilding of sections is not uncommon and will result in very high maintenance bills.

Bargate Stone

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