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If you are looking for a building surveyor in Guildford to offer you a top quality service, whether you need a property survey or a valuation, Brian Gale Surveyors should be your first choice. We offer a range of cost-effective services relating to surveying and we are happy to value all kinds of properties in Guildford and the surrounding areas to give you the peace of mind you have the right information about the property you are looking into.

Why Choose Brian Gale Surveyors?

Since being established in 1985, we have gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the field of Building and Valuation Surveys. We are hugely experienced working with all kinds of different properties, including period and historic buildings. We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Guidelines and are proud to be members of RICS, giving you added confidence that our services will exceed your requirements.

We have been active as surveyors in Guildford for more than 25 years, so we have a deep knowledge of the properties in the area. While we specialise in period and historic buildings, regularly value or survey any type of property. That means that whether you live in a modern studio flat or a period country cottage, we will be able to offer an impartial, honest survey of your property.


“Thank you for your good service. Based on the report we have decided not to proceed with the purchase of the property. We are now on a mission to find another property. We will use you again for a HomeBuyer’s Report when we find a property we like.”E Liu ★★★★★


Why get a Survey When Purchasing a Property?

For anyone thinking about buying a property, it is crucial that you get a property survey done to make sure you will not be paying too much for a house or buying a property with structural or other defects. This is essential protection for you as a buyer, as an official survey from a trained professional may expose flaws in the structure of the house, which can then be used to strengthen your case if you go in with an offer below the asking price and also avoid any nasty surprises after purchase.

Property Valuations

If it’s a valuation you need, we are also happy to offer this service. We can also offer matrimonial valuations to couples in Guildford who need to find out what their house is worth so it can be divided fairly in divorce proceedings. For concrete evidence of that valuation, we can provide you with a property valuation letter so that you can prove the value of your property in any legal setting.

Just A Few of Our Guildford Surveying Services

As well as surveys and valuations, we can also provide a range of other useful services relating to your property. For example, if you have any property disputes with neighbours, such as those relating to property boundaries or party wall awards, or blocked lighting from large extensions, we can come and assess the situation with our expert knowledge of property law to find out if there is a legitimate problem and if so, what your rights are.

Get a Full List of Services

Home Survey Reports

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Party Wall Awards

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Lease Extension

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Expert Witness Reports

Where there are legal disputes and matters may go to Court, we can prepare Independent Expert Witness Reports which comply with the Civil Procedure Rules of th..…[Read more…]


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Project Management

We apply our project management expertise during the build phase and construction of both residential and commercial projects, ..…[Read more…]

Professional, Friendly & Thorough

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service at all times here at Brian Gale Surveyors and we pride ourselves on the first class and highly professional work we do. Over the years we have received some wonderful reviews and testimonials from our clients that have contributed to our rapidly growing reputation as one of the most trusted, efficient and friendly chartered surveyors in the South East.

We have over 25 years experience in dealing with a wide variety of client requirements, so whether you’re a client based overseas, a charity, a solicitor or a private individual, we can tailor our service to suit your needs and expectations.

We would be delighted to hear from you should you be interested in pursuing our services. Our friendly team are always ready to welcome new clients and offer all the advice and information they need regarding building surveys, the different types of survey, our wide range of services and more.

Brian Gale Surveyors are pleased to be able to offer our services to clients throughout Guildford and the surrounding areas, including areas such as Haslemere, Redhill, Horley, Reigate, Dorking and Brighton we are always happy to help.

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