Restaurant Building Survey Shock!

If you go behind the scenes at a restaurant today you may possibly be in for a big surprise…

Patrick Moyle recently carried out a Full Building Survey in Surrey on a Restaurant which had closed down a few months ago. The place was in a real state! Our Client was buying the Freehold and had intended some expenditure before re-opening.  However, after we had Surveyed the property thoroughly it was obvious that it would need a lot more spent on it than our Client had anticipated to get the place up to scratch and capable of meeting Environmental Heath standards throughout.

Mainly, the building needed a new roof covering, all the services to be replaced, condensation, mould and rot problems to be rectified and the basement rid of damp. It’s shocking how the place was allowed to trade in such conditions!

The price was re-negotiated thanks to our Report!

Restaurant Building Survey damp

Restaurant Building Survey roof covering

Restaurant Building Survey roof

Restaurant Building Survey ceiling

Tonbridge Building Surveys

The property market in Tonbridge seems to be picking up as we’ve seen a large increase in the number of surveys we’re being asked to do. Remember to contact us for all your Tonbridge Surveyor requirements.

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