Dilapidation Inspection

Patrick Moyle has recently carried out some dilapidation inspections for a Client wanting to take a long Lease on Commercial units near Heathrow Airport.  The Landlord was proposing a full Repairing and Insuring Lease on a building 30 years old.  The inspection revealed that the roof covering was in poor condition with major deterioration to the metal panels and cut edge corrosion (plastic finish lifting and curling).  Although the property had fairly recently been decorated internally and externally, closer inspection revealed major repair and maintenance liabilities.   The Client needed protection in the future from the Landlord serving a dilapidations claim on him so a “decorating only Lease” is being negotiated so that our Client, the ingoing tenant, is responsible for decoration only.  Looking ahead to protect Clients is what we do at Brian Gale Surveyors!

Dilapidation Inspection 1 Dilapidation Inspection 4

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