Industrial Warehouse Roof Coverings

This week our Surveyor, Patrick Moyle, has surveyed a property at Horley near Gatwick Airport for a client who is wanting to take on a Full Repairing Lease. A detailed protected Schedule of Condition has been prepared.

The property was built around 1990 and is therefore 27 years old. The roof covering although only 27 years old, is in very poor condition with Cut Edge Corrosion having occurred – steel work sheeting is corroding at the edges and the paint finish has curled up and deteriorated. Also the paint finish has deteriorated to the main area and the galvanising has failed resulting in corrosion.

The plastic roof lights have all discoloured. The roof now will have a limited life and we have advised our client of the short life span of the roof covering and that any future repair or renewal must be specifically excluded from the lease to ensure that to endure repair and maintenance of the lease they do not have to pay a considerable amount of money.

It is important when negotiating a lease to attach a Protective Schedule of Condition to it to ensure that no dilapidation issues arise at the end and to ensure that dilapidation costs are kept to a minimum. Our Survey also discovered numerous other issues with the building.

Industrial Warehouse Roof Coverings

Industrial Warehouse Roof Coverings in poor condition

Roof Coverings

Industrial Warehouse Roof Coverings

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