Solar Panel Installation Problem

None of us doubt the environmental importance of carbon fuel saving measures. However, recently our firm carried out a Defects Analysis Report in Sussex on a flat roof where solar panels had been installed.  The installation has caused damage to the roof covering due to the fact that the cabling between solar panel sections needed to be secured. Fixing clips were provided and the screws were taken directly into the roof lining felt.  It will only be a matter of time before water penetrates.

It is important to ensure that when solar panels are installed – regardless of whether there is a pitched or flat roof – that full details with regard to fixings of not just the panels but also the wiring/cabling, is obtained so that the roof membranes are not damaged.  It is advised that if money has been paid for the installation, that financial transactions are not completed until the roof covering has been checked in case there is damage.  With regard to this building, the scaffolding has also been placed on the roof covering causing damage.

Brian Gale Surveyors are regularly engaged by private clients to carry out such inspections and ensure the client’s position is protected

There are going to be some interesting discussions between ourselves and the Contractors/installers in this particular case!!


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