Wind Turbines and Trespass

We recently carried out a Full Building Survey in Molesey and noted a wind turbine fixed to the flank wall of the house. Although it was well fixed, this flank wall was on the boundary. When the wind direction changed, the wind turbine would rotate and therefore either sections of the wind turbine body or sails would project across the boundary line and would therefore trespass above the adjoining owner’s property.

There was no formal or written permission from the adjoining owner. Therefore, the adjoining owner could request that the wind turbine was taken down and removed. This matter is now with the solicitors ensuring that the appropriate Easements are obtained to either retain the wind turbine or if not, then it will have to be relocated which will be costly.

At Brian Gale Surveyors we can give expert advice on Building Disputes and Party Wall Agreements before matters go too far.

Wind Turbines and Trespass

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