Matrimonial Valuations

Matrimonial Valuations

In these days of high divorce and separation rates, it is usually necessary for matrimonial houses or shared property to be valued to decide upon how the assets will be shared.

One of the requirements of the Woolf report was to require parties to try and agree matters such as property value prior to a court hearing and therefore not to have experts in Court. Therefore it is normal practice to have a Jointly Appointed Surveyor / Valuer / Expert to provide such a report.

Our Surrey based surveyors are able to undertake these matrimonial valuations and provide reports compliant with Part 35 of the CPR 1998. In most cases we are jointly appointed by instructing solicitors (on behalf of each party) to provide an independent valuation report for the Courts. We are experienced in preparing such reports and would be pleased to provide matrimonial valuation reports in respect of the matrimonial house and/or other shared residential, investment or commercial property.

We are able to provide matrimonial valuations in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and London so please get in contact to discuss your own personal requirements in the strictest confidence.

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