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Brian Gale Surveyors are a long established firm of Chartered Surveyors with offices situated on the Surrey/Sussex border. As part of our professional property service portfolio, we offer Party Wall Surveyor services to clients across Greater London and the Home Counties. Our expert team has extensive experience in all matters concerning boundary disputes, Party Wall Notices and Party Wall Awards.

when do you need a PARTY WALL surveyor?

The Party Wall Act 1996 is an important piece of legislation that affects proposed building works to both residential and commercial properties. A detailed explanatory booklet produced by the Government is available here.

In a nutshell, the Act prescribes that a property owner must serve Notice on an adjoining property owner if proposed works have the potential to affect the structural integrity or support function of the shared Party Wall.

This can affect a whole range of construction or refurbishment works including property extensions in or near to boundaries, or new developments close to adjoining properties – in short, any works that propose to cut into a Party Wall or use the shared wall as support for a structure or build.

The legal process to be followed can be complex, and early professional advice from an experienced Party Wall Surveyor is highly recommended.


At Brian Gale Surveyors, we have many years’ experience of providing Party Wall Surveyor services for residential properties and commercial premises in Surrey, Sussex, London and beyond.

We can offer expert advice to determine whether any proposed works fall within the legislative requirements of the Act. If they do, we can prepare Party Wall Notices and Party Wall Awards as necessary, to make sure that all parties’ interests – both Building Owner and Adjoining Owner – are safeguarded.

Sometimes, getting a Party Wall survey may suddenly become very relevant to ongoing building works, as one of our clients found out to his great dismay. A neighbour had started to dig deep foundations for a home extension in very close proximity to the adjoining owner’s garage wall. Brian Gale Surveyors were instructed as Party Wall Surveyor and dealt with the urgent situation, pressing for a review in the structural engineer’s calculations and issuing a Party Wall Award, thus potentially saving both neighbours large amounts in compensation and disputes.

Party Wall Awards Surrey


If you think that your or your neighbour’s proposed building project may impact, it is highly advisable to seek professional advice as early as possible. For further information about Party Wall Surveyor services in London, Surrey, Sussex or anywhere else in the Home Counties, please feel free to get in touch on 01737 245947 or contact us today.

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