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Boundary Disputes Advice from Brian Gale Surveyors

What happens if a boundary disagreement arises?

A relatively minor disagreement between neighbours can swiftly escalate into a full-scale dispute, sometimes involving threats from solicitors as well as threats of court action. However protecting your right to land in a court setting can be a time consuming and costly experience, so it is important that you plan ahead before rushing into action.

In order to resolve a boundary dispute in a swift and concise manner, you will need to seek expert advice as soon as possible. A professional chartered surveyor will be able to provide assistance on any boundary disputes.

A Chartered Building Surveyor will be able to check deeds and the plans attached to them, referring to historical documents in order to determine the formal boundary line and whether or not it has moved over time. The boundary can change over the years for a number of reasons. However, these changes are not always recorded and thus can lead to disputes. By settling the matter before going to court, you can reach a decision without having to pay out any further legal fees and your chosen surveyor will be able to mark out your new boundary line.

However if an agreement cannot be reached, where necessary Brian Gale Surveyors can prepare reports which are acceptable to the Courts if the dispute has to be settled via a legal route. Technical evidence can also be given to substantiate such advice/decisions. Client satisfaction is a priority with Brian Gale Surveyors as we always provide impartial advice on the best route to resolve such matters.

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Brian Gale Surveyors was established in 1985 and since then has gained an impeccable reputation for providing in-depth and honest surveying services to clients across Sussex, Surrey, London, Hampshire and Kent. Covering a wide range of property matters and with specific advice in surveying historic and listed properties across the South East, Brian Gale Surveyors offer helpful advice in order to ensure that clients can make an informed decision on the purchase, renovation or construction of a property.

Plus as independent surveyors, we are not associated with any Estate Agents or larger organisations and as such, any and all advice provided is provided solely for the benefit of our clients.

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For clients looking at other property related services in addition to our boundary disputes advice, Brian Gale Surveyors can assist in a number of matters, including but not limited to;

  • RICS Condition Reports Our surveyors will take a look at all visible and accessible elements of the property, listing any major or potential defects found. We will also provide advice on what can be done to rectify any defects and may give an approximate cost of such renovations.
  • Party Wall Awards If you are considering renovation work on a Party Wall and may be having issues with a neighbouring party, Brian Gale Surveyors work with all parties to come to an agreeable conclusion.
  • Property Valuations Whether selling or renting out your home; it is essential that you are aware of its value. By drawing from extensive local knowledge of similar properties in your area, our team are able to provide an accurate valuation of your property with this service.

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