Boundary Disputes Advice

Boundary Disputes Advice from Brian Gale Surveyors

Our team at Brian Gale Surveyors frequently assist with boundary disputes, where relatively minor infringements can cause severe rifts between neighbours.

If an issue of this kind is not settled swiftly it can soon escalate into a formal dispute, involving solicitors and court action. While we appreciate everyone’s right to their own land, this process is time-consuming and expensive, so preparation – or avoiding it altogether – is recommended.

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Verifying formal boundary lines

A Chartered Surveyor will often be called in to verify where the formal boundary between two properties should lie, and whether it has moved over time. To do this, we carry out an expert investigation into the into property deeds, plans and historical documentation.

There are a number of reasons that a boundary may have moved, and we can usually resolve the matter by confirming which records hold the most accurate information. If both parties are satisfied, our surveyor can mark out the confirmed boundary line.

Going to Court will result in further legal fees and is often a drawn-out process. However, if no agreement can be reached then a Court resolution will be required.

At Brian Gale Surveyors, we are happy to prepare technical evidence and formal reports to substantiate a claim, and will always provide impartial advice about what we believe to be the best route for our clients.

About Our Team

Established in 1985, Brian Gale Surveyors has built an excellent reputation across Sussex, Surrey, London, Hampshire and Kent.

We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of property matters with detailed, unbiased advice, from our extensive experience in surveying historic and listed properties across the South East. Whether you are looking to build, renovate or purchase a home, we will ensure that you can make a well-informed decision about the property.


“Thank you for your good service. Based on the report we have decided not to proceed with the purchase of the property. We are now on a mission to find another property. We will use you again for a HomeBuyer’s Report when we find a property we like.”E Liu ★★★★★


As independent surveyors, we are not affiliated with a larger organisation or third party, such as a lender or estate agent. This means that all of our advice is provided solely for the benefit of our clients, not for shareholders or sister-companies.

Surveying Services in the South East of England

In addition to boundary dispute resolution, Brian Gale Surveyors offer assistance with a number of property-related issues. These include, but are not limited to;

  • RICS Condition Reports – A surveyor will assess all readily-accessible areas of a building, highlighting significant defects and any potential concerns.
  • Party Wall Awards – Before starting significant alterations on a Party Wall, you must serve Notice on your neighbours. If your neighbours are conducting renovations and have not informed you, or you need assistance prior to serving Notice, our team can help to form an agreement.
  • Property Valuations – Insurance, calculating rental value, probate, matrimonial agreements… There are a number of reasons you might need to know the current value of your home. Using our extensive local knowledge, our team deliver accurate valuations for all kinds of property.

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