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Brian Gale Surveyors works across London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent to provide a wide range of property related professional services. With over 25 years of industry experience, making Brian Gale Surveyors your first call for professional HomeSurvey Reports and valuations ensures you receive an efficient, attentive service at the best possible price.

A home is the most expensive purchase most of us will ever make, which is why it is essential to fully understand the condition of a building before buying it. A HomeSurvey Report from Brian Gale provides buyers with a detailed account of the structural state of the property they are hoping to purchase, specifying any defects and remedial works that will need to be carried out.

If you aren’t sure whether a HomeSurvey Report is the most appropriate survey, take a look at our handy Survey Guide here.


The ISVA HomeSurvey Report is a popular form of property survey, recommended for modern properties built after around 1975 and for conventional residential buildings that are in reasonable condition. Our highly experienced team of surveyors offer ISVA Home Buyers Survey Reports, designed by the Independent Surveyors’ and Valuers’ Association, of which we are a member.

What does a HomeSurvey Report include?

To compile an ISVA HomeSurvey Report, one of our experienced surveyors will first carry out an in-depth visual inspection of the property in question. The findings of this inspection and the surveyor’s overall assessment will be included in a comprehensive document, in which you can expect to see:

  • Any defects and problems that are urgent or significant enough to affect the value of the property, such as damp and subsidence, or which fail to meet current building regulations. This will include advice on necessary repairs and ongoing maintenance.
  • A priority list of the main defects that require urgent attention. To help you to understand the implications of these defects, we will also provide a realistic estimate of the potential costs involved to rectify the problems we’ve identified, and which items we recommend are addressed before contracts are exchanged.
  • Information about the insulation qualities of the property, including any shortcomings. The report will furthermore contain important advice on upgrading thermal insulation and the costs involved, where appropriate.
  • Finally, the surveyor will assess the agreed purchase price of the property and include an independent property valuation based on the findings in the HomeSurvey Report.

We highly recommend the ISVA HomeSurvey Report as we believe this to be more informative, comprehensive and easier to understand, as well as offering better value than other types of survey. However, if you are familiar with the RICS HomeBuyer Report and would prefer that form of survey, we are happy to undertake a RICS HomeBuyer Survey and deliver your report in that format.

Our HomeSurvey report is our mid-range service. For larger, older or more unusual properties, or if you are planning any major building works, we would strongly recommend that you upgrade to our Building Survey for a more in-depth analysis of the property’s condition.


“Thank you for the comprehensive survey report which we have found very helpful with our proposed purchase!”S & D Watkinson ★★★★★


Why Choose Us?

Our team of highly experienced surveyors at Brian Gale Surveyors work independently of any umbrella company or lender, so you can be confident in the impartial, unbiased nature of the services we carry out.

All our surveyors live and work throughout Surrey, Sussex, London and some locations further afield, giving them a thorough understanding of the local issues that may affect properties in these areas. As a result of our local property knowledge, we are also exceptionally accurate at reporting property values.

Established in 1985, Brian Gale Surveyors has a wealth of experience and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). All our surveyors are registered members of the RICS, under the RICS Accredited Valuer Registration Scheme, so you can be confident of our levels of training and expertise.

We are also members of the niche Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association (ISVA), which is a body within RICS.

When it comes to moving into a new property, having peace of mind that it’s in good working order or at least understanding the extent of any existing problems can make all the difference in enjoying your new home. With Brian Gale Surveyors’ expertise at your side, you can be confident that you have all the necessary information and professional advice at your disposal to make an informed purchase decision.

If you wish to discuss a particular property with us, or book a HomeSurvey Report in London, a survey in Sussex, or a survey in Surrey, call our friendly, professional team on today.

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