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Brian Gale Surveyors offer every type of residential property survey or valuation, from a simple mortgage valuation for your lender through to the different types of more in depth survey detailed below.

We offer four forms of valuation or survey which are specifically designed to help homebuyers:

✤ The Standard Mortgage Valuation Report

This will only be for your mortgage lenders security purposes in determining the current market valuation of the property and is not a condition report.

✤ The RICS  Condition Report

Choose this report if you are buying or selling a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition.

✤ The ISVA  HomeSurvey Report and Valuation

The HomeSurvey Report comprises

  • An inspection of the Property
  • A concise report based on the inspection
  • The Valuation which is part of the Report
  • Advice on the prioritisation for dealing with the defects found.

Get your survey, valuation or report from Brian Gale Surveyors

✤ A Full Building Survey

(formerly known as a Structural Survey)

Suitable for all residential properties and provides a full picture of their construction and condition. Recommended in particular if the property is, for example, older and of period origins, of unusual construction, dilapidated or has been extensively altered with major conversion or renovation.  It can be tailored to the Client’s individual requirements.


“Thank you for your good service. Based on the report we have decided not to proceed with the purchase of the property. We are now on a mission to find another property. We will use you again for a HomeBuyer’s Report when we find a property we like.”E Liu ★★★★★


Why invest in a survey or valuation?

Commissioning your own survey is the simple, economical way to avoid unpleasant and perhaps costly surprises after moving in. In some cases, the Surveyor’s report may enable you to renegotiate the price.

Even if you are seeking a mortgage and may be paying for a Mortgage Valuation Report, it is still advisable and prudent to arrange a survey by your own fully independent Surveyor.

The reason is simple:  The Mortgage Valuation report is prepared for the lender – not for you, the Borrower.  It answers only the Lender’s questions concerning the appropriate security for your loan. You cannot rely on it to answer the questions which concern your personal interests.

Before Legal commitment, know exactly where you stand!

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