Property Valuation Letters

If you need to prove the value of your property for one reason or another, one convenient, quick way to do this is to request a property valuation letter from a surveyor.

This acts as evidence to prove how much your property is worth, and it may be worth getting hold of one of these letters if you are thinking of selling your property or need to provide evidence to a court about what your home is worth, for example if they are trying to decide who should get what in a divorce.

A valuation is essentially the opinion of the surveyor about what the house is worth based on current market values. It assumes that the information the valuer already has is accurate and that there are no unusual legal circumstances surrounding your property.

It can be useful to know what your property is worth if you moved into a brand new home or one which had been extensively renovated, as this can boost the value significantly, so it is better to know its current value for the purpose of selling up or a variety of other reasons.

It is worth noting that a valuation is not the same as a survey, meaning the valuer in charge of assessing your property’s value will not investigate the house thoroughly by lifting carpets, inspecting inaccessible areas or testing services such as drainage, and will base their valuation purely on the immediate visual information accessible to them.

A property valuation letter won’t provide the same information as a structural survey or a HomeBuyer Report (HBR), but can be useful if you purely need to give an indication as to the value of your home.

If you think you might need a property valuation letter to provide you with written confirmation of the value of your home from an official source, get in touch with Brian Gale today to get a red book valuation from a trustworthy chartered surveyor.


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